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Oracle VirtualBox, Failed to open a session

I like to play with computers. So Oracle’s VirtualBox is handy to install different operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac etc) and try them. But...
Xu Cui
30 sec read

FileMarker, colorize a file on Windows 10

In Mac, you can colorize a folder or file. This is particular useful if you have many files and want to mark important ones...
Xu Cui
22 sec read

TreeSize, find out which folders use most space

When I need to free some spaces on my computer, I need to know which folder(s) take most space so I can prioritize removing...
Xu Cui
13 sec read

Create a GIF animation image for free

I need to create a banner ad for Stork’s advanced feature (NIH grant database English/Chinese bilingual version). I wish the ad has two images...
Xu Cui
19 sec read

Create CSV file containing UTF-8 characters in PHP and…

If you create a CSV file and the file contains some characters such as ü or ş, then you will find the characters are...
Xu Cui
23 sec read

Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 for free

Back in August, 2013 I purchased a Dell computer (OptiPlex 9010 Minitower) which has been working very well. It has Windows 7 installed. Recently...
Xu Cui
13 sec read

How to backup your emails (GMail)

If you decide to abandon a GMail account (not just personal GMail, GSuite included), you might want to save a record of the past...
Xu Cui
25 sec read

My blog has a new look

I started blogging in about 2008. At that time I just started to develop my first startup product, a cloud reference manager for researchers...
Xu Cui
48 sec read

List of grants awarded to fNIRS research by NIH…

Below is a list of NIH grants in the field of fNIRS in the past 10 years. The list is compiled by Peng Zheng...
Xu Cui
4 min read

nirs2img, create an image file from NIRS data

I was asked where to get nirs2img script. Here it is. The download link is at the bottom of this article. nirs2img is to...
Xu Cui
51 sec read