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mergefile.m – a MatLab script to merge CSV files

My wife asked me to write a script to merge some csv files she has. Usually this can be accomplished by a simple command in...
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每天的新文献太多了,根本没时间读。怎么办?这时候就需要快速地甄别出重要文献。为了帮助大家做到这一点,文献鸟做了两件事情: 高亮标记了高影响因子的文献,并且文献按影响因子排列 显示中科院期刊分区信息,并用不同的颜色标识不同分区 对于Pro用户,文献鸟还允许设置过滤分区。比如如果设置最大分区是2,则只有分区为1和2的期刊文献才会被推送,其它的会被自动过滤。 中科院期刊分区的显示 Pro用户可以设置分区过滤 如果需要购买Pro,可以单击这个链接。 Stork官网地址: https://www.storkapp.me/
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BOLD5000, A public fMRI dataset of 5000 images

Official website and download Full text paper link Good news for brain imaging researchers. There is a new dataset available for you to play...
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Stork API, a single line becomes a list of new publications

I want to show a list of my own publications on my webpage, is there an easy way to do so? Yes, Stork API,...
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Google Dataset search, a great tool for fNIRS and fMRI?

Google just launched a new search engine: Google Dataset search. With this app, scientists can search public datasets published in scientific journals (and possibly...
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fNIRS 2018

fNIRS 2010 conference will be held during October 5-8, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. You may find more information at http://fnirs2018.org/. The early registration deadline is...
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Temporal resolution of CW fNIRS devices

This is a guest post by Ning Liu from Stanford University. Temporal resolution provides information on the distance of time between the acquisitions of...
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Deep learning training speed with 1080 Ti and M1200

I compared the speed of Nvidia’s 1080 Ti on a desktop (Intel i5-3470 CPU, 3.2G Hz, 32G memory) and NVIDIA Quadro M1200 w/4GB GDDR5,...
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You can start to use Stork in 10s!

Stork is a simple app for researchers to follow up scientific publications. It only takes me 10s to start. https://www.storkapp.me/?ref=alivelearn
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Find cheapest flight

I booked a direct flight (non-stop) from San Francisco to Beijing for my father last October. The cost is ~$300. It’s fairly cheap. The...
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