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X11 with PuTTY

X window doesn’t work with PuTTY (download) alone. Download, install and run xming (~2M). Check “Enable X11 forwarding” in PuTTY configuration window, and ssh...
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张三,李四两朋友好久没有见面了,这次相见到格外亲切,问长问短。时间过得真快,如今李四已经是2个孩子的父亲了。 于是,张三问到:你已经是两个孩子的父亲了,恭喜恭喜,那么这两个孩子的性别分别是什么呢?李四:其中的一个孩子是男孩,另一个,你猜猜看是男孩还是女孩? 张三应该猜男孩还是女孩呢? 【转自文学城】 这个题真是不错。在有种可能性时,我们会不由自主的认为这两种可能性发生的概率是50-50。这个假设在许多时候是不对的。
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feiqin╰☆╮首尔之约╭☆╯韩国正品服装饰品专卖,在淘宝网上,欢迎大家捧场。 http://shop35765395.taobao.com/
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xjView, a viewing program for SPM2, SPM5, SPM8 and SPM12

xjView’s official webpage moves to https://www.alivelearn.net/xjview/ xjView is a MatLab program Jian and I wrote a few years ago to display SPM T-test images...
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retinotopy with freesurfer

Retinotopy analysis consists two parts, one on high resolution structural images (segmentation, inflation, cut, etc), the other on...
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brain images: convert between different formats

For single file to single file conversion, you usually use mri_convert of freesurfer. For example mri_convert x.img y.nii Other options would be LONI Debabeler...
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I support PLoS

As an author, when you publish paper, you pay to the publisher; As a reader, when you read paper, you pay to the publisher;...
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amfphp bug? Negative integer becomes big positive

In local actionscript, if you have an object like: o.x = 6; o.y = -5; Then send this object to remote server using amfphp,...
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sqlite: update id automatically in a relational table

Let’s say we have three tables: user, paper, userPaperRelation. user has columns id and username paper has column id and title userPaperRelation has columns...
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fslmerge: convert 3D ANALYZE to Nifti

/fs/quarry/cuixu/fsl/fslmerge -t f I_???.* On my computer, it doesn’t convert to .nii file; but to a single img/hdr pair. This method won’t be used....
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