An interesting gamble

The other day I was walking on a street, along which there are a lot of booths where people play games to gamble. I...
Xu Cui
1 min read

How to download emails in Gmail?

Log in to your gmail On the top-right corner, you will find your own icon, click it. A pop up window will show Click...
Xu Cui
14 sec read

How to split a PDF file for free?

I have a PDF file which contains many pages. For some reason I need to send only page 3 and 5 to a friend....
Xu Cui
16 sec read

Driver Detective

I had been using a Lenovo Edge laptop, and one day it died. The operation system (windows 7) was corrupted. After installing a new...
Xu Cui
37 sec read

Apply a Formula to an Entire Column in Excel

Two Ways to Apply a Formula to an Entire Column in Excel This small trick can be handy if you have a lot of...
Xu Cui
9 sec read

Say No to SCA 5

Universities should not accept students based on race. Say No to SCA 5
Xu Cui
2 sec read

Find unique values in Excel

Assume you have two columns in an Excel sheet. Column A contains some names, Column B also contains some names, some of which are...
Xu Cui
22 sec read

How to retrieve text from a picture

Update: a free online tool where you can paste image directly: I get a picture and would like to copy the text in...
Xu Cui
19 sec read

VMWare Player: guest OS not full screen?

VMWare Player is a great free tool if you want to run multiple operating systems on one computer. For example, you may have a...
Xu Cui
22 sec read

Backblaze, a nice backup tool

I purchased at least 2 portable hard drives and many USB drives to backup important files. For a while I did my backup every...
Xu Cui
53 sec read