Extracting wavelet coherence values

In my previous blog ( and in our paper titled “NIRS-based hyperscanning reveals increased interpersonal coherence in superior frontal cortex during cooperation” (full text...
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Artinis’ PortaLite

Note: I am not affiliated with Artinis and they don’t pay me for this post. If you also sell portable NIRS device and would...
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What does a wavelet coherence plot tell you?

Can you find any pattern in the two signals, green and blue? The blue signal is the brain wave (measured by NIRS) of a...
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Hyperscanning with Near Infrared Spectroscopy

This is a manuscript Chao and myself prepared for a “commentary”. We think NIRS based hyperscanning has a great potential on the shift from...
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A trick to detect bad channel in NIRS data…

Some noise is easy to detect – simply plotting the time courses of NIRS signal, you will find the noise so out of range...
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Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS): List of manufactures

This post is under updating … The information is not complete Table can be found here: Artinis OctaMon The main...
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What does a wavelet transform plot tell you?

Let’s say you collected some brain data (time series) using NIRS while the participants were performing a task (say finger tapping), and you use...
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Handy programs to visualize NIRS data (5): plot2

Let’s say you have two correlated variables, x and y. You may have more then one data points with x=10 and y=5. But if...
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Handy programs to visualize NIRS data (4): wt

In case you need to visualize your time series in both time and frequency domain (or just frequency domain), you can use the wt...
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Handy programs to visualize NIRS data (3): plotFFT

Sometimes you wish to know the spectrum of a time series. plotFFT is a handy function for this purpose. You instantly know the power...
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