Just published a paper: Men vs Women, are they…

We just published a big and long study. It is a NIRS hyperscanning study aiming to investigate the brain difference between men and women...
Xu Cui
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Hitachi ETG4000 on ebay, for less than $10,000

In our lab meeting today we accidentally discovered that you can actually purchase a used ETG4000 on ebay! The seller asked for $9,995. When...
Xu Cui
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fNIRS 2016

fNIRS 2016 conference will be held in Paris, October 13 – 16, Université Paris Descartes, 12 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine, Paris 75006, FRANCE...
Xu Cui
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Who cited my paper?

Back in 2010 we published a paper titled “Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) signal improvement based on negative correlation between oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin...
Xu Cui
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NIRS manufactures locations

Where are the major NIRS device manufactures? You can see from the map below. There are NIRS manufactures in US, Japan, Europe and Korea....
Xu Cui
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Projection of a NIRS channel on a brain surface

When analyzing the data in our concurrent NIRS-fMRI study, we are particularly interested in how the NIRS signals were correlated to the fMRI signal....
Xu Cui
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Is measuring both oxy and deoxy-Hb useful?

One of the advantages of NIRS is that it measure two values at a time – both oxy- and deoxy-Hb concentration, while fMRI measure...
Xu Cui
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T value of a single subject

I usually report a group-level T-test image in the final publications or presentations. But in the early stage of a project when only one...
Xu Cui
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FDR correction matlab script

The following script is to determine is a channel (or voxel) survives the FDR corrected threshold. Assume you have 48 channels and you already...
Xu Cui
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Finger tapping task MatLab script

Finger tapping is probably the most used task in brain imaging studies (fMRI and NIRS). The task is simple and elicits robust brain signal...
Xu Cui
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