Chin rest (head holder) device for NIRS

When we set up our NIRS lab back in 2008, we needed a device to prevent participants’ head movement during the experiment and during...
Xu Cui
38 sec read

We contributed to MatLab (wavelet toolbox)

We use MatLab a lot! It’s the major program for brain imaging data analysis in our lab. However, I never thought we could actually...
Xu Cui
2 min read

Communications between two MatLabs (1) over file

Ref to: Communications between two MatLabs (2): over socket It’s common that two MatLab programs needs to communicate. For instance, one program is collecting...
Xu Cui
1 min read

A mistake in my False discovery rate (FDR) correction…

I have posted an FDR script at I noticed that there is a small bug. In rare cases, this bug will cause the...
Xu Cui
37 sec read

Some tips to use wavelet toolbox

Wavelet toolbox is a useful tool to study hyperscanning data. Many recent publications on NIRS hyperscanning use wavelet coherence to quantify the relationship between...
Xu Cui
55 sec read

Just published a paper: Men vs Women, are they…

We just published a big and long study. It is a NIRS hyperscanning study aiming to investigate the brain difference between men and women...
Xu Cui
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Hitachi ETG4000 on ebay, for less than $10,000

In our lab meeting today we accidentally discovered that you can actually purchase a used ETG4000 on ebay! The seller asked for $9,995. When...
Xu Cui
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fNIRS 2016

fNIRS 2016 conference will be held in Paris, October 13 – 16, Université Paris Descartes, 12 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine, Paris 75006, FRANCE...
Xu Cui
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Who cited my paper?

Back in 2010 we published a paper titled “Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) signal improvement based on negative correlation between oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin...
Xu Cui
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NIRS manufactures locations

Where are the major NIRS device manufactures? You can see from the map below. There are NIRS manufactures in US, Japan, Europe and Korea....
Xu Cui
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