Create CSV file containing UTF-8 characters in PHP and…

If you create a CSV file and the file contains some characters such as ü or ş, then you will find the characters are...
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Stork API, a single line becomes a list of…

I want to show a list of my own publications on my webpage, is there an easy way to do so? Yes, Stork API,...
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Deep learning training speed with 1080 Ti and M1200

I compared the speed of Nvidia’s 1080 Ti on a desktop (Intel i5-3470 CPU, 3.2G Hz, 32G memory) and NVIDIA Quadro M1200 w/4GB GDDR5,...
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How to find NIRS experts using “Find Experts” app

If you are a newcomer in the NIRS field, you may wonder who are the experts in this field. You might know a few...
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xjview 9.6 released

In this version, we modified the templates for 3-D render view and use a high-resolution template. It also includes a few scalp view. You...
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美国国立卫生研究院每年要拨款300亿美元用于生物和医学的研究。这些经费大约要资助6万个课题。如果能访问到这些数据,并且实时翻译成中文,那将是医生、教授、学生和其他科研人员宝贵的资源库。 为此,我们开发了这款美国国立卫生研究院经费数据库(中英版)。这个数据库可以使我们: 方便地了解美国生物医学最新科研动态 为自己的研究和基金申请带来灵感 在美国找到合作伙伴、合作机会 在美国找到学习、进修机会 该数据库每月更新,Stork也会把新的相关的课题用电子邮件通知我们 NIH经费数据库使用非常简单 第一步,输入关键词(支持中文关键词哦!),回车,中英文对照结果立刻呈现。 第二步,要仔细阅读某个经费,单击标题,摘要也中英文显示。 怎么才能使用呢? NIH经费数据库(中英版)是Stork的付费高级功能。 要使用,首先要免费注册Stork账户。 请按照这个说明流程注册。 注册后就可以看到高级功能说明。 单击NIH Grant图标就可以看到付费流程。 现在就看看NIH经费数据库(中英版)会给你带来什么惊喜吧! Stork官网地址:
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Hyperscanning experiment file (matlab)

Below is the experiment script (in MatLab) for our hyperscanning project (“NIRS-based hyperscanning reveals increased interpersonal coherence in superior frontal cortex during cooperation.”). For...
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Learning deep learning (project 4, language translation)

In this project, I built a neural network for machine translation (English -> French).  I built and trained a sequence to sequence model on...
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Deep learning speed test, my laptop vs AWS g2.2xlarge…

It requires a lot of resources, especially GPU and GPU memory, to train a deep-learning model efficiently. Here I test the time it took...
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We contributed to MatLab (wavelet toolbox)

We use MatLab a lot! It’s the major program for brain imaging data analysis in our lab. However, I never thought we could actually...
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