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Talk by Frans de Waal

Today I listened to Frans de Waal’s talk on empathy in primates. It’s quite interesting. He wrote several popular books including “Chimpanzee Politics”. Links:...
Xu Cui
5 sec read

View 200+ AIR/Flex samples (Tour de Flex) Especially checkout two applications: 1. Badger 2. Transparent video window
Xu Cui
2 sec read

Writing tips

The knowledge of brain-function mapping is accumulated … The Knowledge of brain-function mapping is accumulated … (get rid of the in front of knowledge)...
Xu Cui
24 sec read

Analyze NIRS data with NIRS-SPM

being updated for v01_r14 … NIRS-SPM is a SPM5 and MATLAB-based software package for statistical analysis of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) signals, developed at the...
Xu Cui
4 min read

regular expression in actionscript

lazy quantifier: Add a question mark (?) after any quantifier to change it to what is known as a lazy quantifier. For example, the...
Xu Cui
11 sec read

Lock datagrid column width

In my datagrid, even when I set the width of some columns explicitly, they always change in an unpredictable way when I (1) resize...
Xu Cui
13 sec read

non-blocking pause

Assume you have a presentation and you want it to stay on the screen for 10 seconds, you may write code something like pause(10)...
Xu Cui
19 sec read

I’m in newspaper :)

Check out It’s fun.
Xu Cui
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create a thumbnail of an image in actionscript

Assume test1.jpg is the original file and test1_thumb.jpg is the thumbnail file to be created. The width or height of the thumbnail is of...
Xu Cui
34 sec read

brain image preprocessing

convert between different image formats strip skull (FSL bet, or Bet for gui) bet brain.nii brain_noskull.nii register to a standard brain (FSL flirt, or...
Xu Cui
19 sec read