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upload a file with php and AIR

Let’s say you want to upload a file to your server with your AIR program (using File.upload). On the server side you have a...
Xu Cui
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Stanford NIRS lab

Check out Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) Lab I take charge of: NIRS allows you to measure neural activities on the surface of the...
Xu Cui
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includeInLayout hide/show a component

Let’s say you have a Label and you want to show this label only when condition == true, you may do this: <mx:VBox> ......
Xu Cui
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原文很长,先总结以下: 平衡饮食 饮 绿茶(不是红茶,不是茉莉花茶),抗癌,固牙,有利脑血管。每天4杯,晚上睡前不要喝 红葡萄酒,或者红葡萄皮(不是白葡萄)。对心脏好,降血压血脂。每天不超过100毫升 豆浆 酸奶(不是牛奶) 骨头汤(延年益寿) 蘑菇汤(增强免疫) 食 谷类,(不是大米白面)。1:老玉米(早上喝玉米羹);2:荞麦(降血压,血脂,血糖,防消化道癌);3:薯类(白薯,红薯,山药,土豆);4:燕麦(降血压,血脂);4:小米(晚上和小米粥,有利睡眠) 豆类,大豆(抗癌乳腺癌)豆浆,豆腐脑,豆腐 菜类,1:胡萝卜(防感冒,养眼);2:南瓜(防糖尿病);3:苦瓜(防糖尿病);4:西红柿(防癌,必须加热,比如西红柿炒鸡蛋,西红柿淡汤等);4:大蒜(抗癌,不能加温,先切薄片,放在空气中15分钟氧化再吃);5:黑木耳(稀释血);6:花粉(必须处理,消毒,脱敏过,对肾有好处,健美) 其它: 螺旋藻(高营养,1g相当于1000g蔬菜,对脑血管病,糖尿病,胃炎,肝炎,抗辐射有好处),藻富康 7成到8成饱,副食6主食4,粗粮6细粮4,植物6动物4 不吃花生,特别是花生皮 一把蔬菜一把豆,一个鸡蛋加点肉 不吃过大,过硬,过热,过粘的食物 蔬菜水果 不要喝白酒 有氧运动,不要早上锻炼,饭后50分钟之后锻炼 心理状态 ——————————–...
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Learning Employee Directory: How to add a field to…

Return to table of contents Let’s say you want to modify Employee Directory for your own company and you want to add another filed...
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My brain in many flavors

Below are some pictures of my own brain. 001 rawavg orig nu T1 brainmask norm nu_noneck aseg brain brain.finalsurfs wm.seg wm filled lh.orig.nofix lh.smoothwm.nofix...
Xu Cui
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Kolmogorov-Smirnov test

KS test is like T test; but it tests not only the mean but also the distribution. The null hypothesis for this test is...
Xu Cui
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Adobe AIR error #3132

You may get this error: could not convert text value to numeric value. Error #3132: Data type mismatch. People have discussed this error related...
Xu Cui
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fMRI: how to do ROI analysis

ROI stands for region of interest. The region is predefined usually from glm contrast. For example, you find visual cortex is activated when a...
Xu Cui
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recon-all images

Check out recon-all procedures here rawavg orig nu T1 brainmask norm nu_noneck aseg.auto_noCCseg aseg brain wm.seg filled lh.orig lh.smoothwm lh.inflated.nofix lh.qsphere.nofix lh.white lh.pial...
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