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NIRS_SPM 批处理成像的一个小改进

This is a guest post by Dr. Ning Liu from Stanford. 前些天 在用 NIRS_SPM批处理 做fNIRS脑图时,有几组数据总是报错(大约占总数的三分之一左右),总是说无法生成图像。 ??? Error using ==> image Error using ==> image...
Xu Cui
58 sec read

fNIRS overview by Stork’s Big Analysis

What’s the trend of fNIRS in brain research? Is the field growing or dying? Which country and which institute are the most productive? Who...
Xu Cui
1 min read

Are the two balls of the same color?

Look at the two balls below. What colors are they? To me, the left ball is definitely blue, and the right one is green....
Xu Cui
31 sec read

NIRS People: Interview Dr Chunming Lu

Chunming Lu’s lab in Beijing Normal University has published a paper titled “Shared neural representations of syntax during online dyadic communication” in NeuroImage. This...
Xu Cui
4 min read

Fix narginchk Error using SPM

Today I downloaded SPM 12 latest version, and when I tried to start it complained: Error using narginchk (line 10) too many input arguments...
Xu Cui
18 sec read

How to fix bluetooth mouse not working under windows…

I am using a Dell laptop with Windows 10. It’s been working great, but occasionally my bluetooth mouse won’t work. Sometimes I need to...
Xu Cui
19 sec read

Interview with Drs. Chenbo Wang and Xianchun Li

A group of scientists in East China Normal University has published a paper earlier this month titled “Dynamic interpersonal neural synchronization underlying pain-induced cooperation...
Xu Cui
3 min read

6 experiments you should do with NIRS (vs fMRI)

Let’s be frank. Compared to fMRI, NIRS has a number of intrinsic weaknesses. The signal to noise ratio is lower, the...
Xu Cui
4 min read

New Mac OSX Mojave on old Mac

Back in 2009, When I got my first MacBook Pro I was excited. It had the best configuration at that time (8G memory and...
Xu Cui
25 sec read

Mac on Windows?

If you need to play with Mac OSX but do not own a Mac computer, you might wish you could install Mac OSX on...
Xu Cui
43 sec read