The power of words

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  1. Several years ago in San Diego I was in a friend’s car when he hit the car in front. The accident was mild and nobody was injured. After the two cars pulled over, I was wondering what the other driver would say. He said, “I am sorry to meet you this way.” I never forget this sentence.
    Years later in Houston my car was hit from back. This was actually my first accident and I had no idea what to do. But I remembered to do one thing: when I got out of the car, I said to the other driver: “I am sorry to meet you this way.”
  2. In early 2009 I attended a meeting in Beijing. The organizers already booked hotel rooms for me. But when I checked in the front desk secretaries refused me because I could not provide my Chinese ID card or passport. For some reasons (not my fault), I did not have these two IDs at that moment. I did have other ID such as my driver’s license but they refused to accept that. I then argued with them. One of the event organizer said to me: “Don’t argue with the working class.” That silenced me.

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今天无意中看了崔永元和水均益的女儿水亦诗唱的《请跟我来》,很感动。已经记不清什么时候第一次听这首歌,但是这简单的旋律、崔永元浑厚和水亦诗纯洁的嗓音,一下子把我带到青春的过去。我感觉心好像融化一般,眼泪也不由地流了下来。 点击下面Youtube的链接可以欣赏他们的演唱。后面是歌词。朴素的歌词,却总有打动人心的力量。 请跟我来 作曲:梁弘志 编曲:钟兴民 填词:梁弘志 主唱:苏芮–虞戡平 歌词: 我踩着不变的步伐 是为了配合你到来 在慌张迟疑的时候 请跟我来 我带着梦幻的期待 是无法按捺的情怀 在你不注意的时候 请跟我来 别说什么 那是你无法预知的世界 别说你不用说 你的眼睛已经告诉了我 当春雨飘呀飘的飘在 你滴也滴不完的发梢 戴着你的水晶珠链 请跟我来
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Good typing games for kids

My son asked me to teach him typing today. I remember I used to play some computer games for typing when I started learning...
Xu Cui
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What to do during coronavirus outbreak

中文版 The author of this coronavirus precautionary measures is James Robb, MD UC San Diego. It’s a really great read. Subject: What I am...
Xu Cui
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