An fMRI ROI analysis program (beta)

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Previously I said I was developing a ROI analysis program ( Here it is:

fMRI ROI Analysis
fMRI ROI Analysis

Download main program (beta version) at

Download sample input excel file:

Download sample output excel file:

Download sample mask file at:

Any questions? Please leave a comment.

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3 Replies to “An fMRI ROI analysis program (beta)”

  1. Dear Dr. Cui,
    I’m a PhD student majoring in social cognitive neuroscience. I’m very interested in your ROI software. Could you please send me the copy to my e-mail address?
    Besides, I just wonder what’s the difference between your software and MarsBar?
    Thanks a lot!

    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Dr. Xu

    I am a doctor students in SYSU and NYU. I am writing some fMRI papers recently and using your xjview software. Thank you for your wonderful software. I will cite the name of xjview in my papers. Thanks again.

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