A part-time position promoting Stork

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We are looking for a passionate team member to join us in promoting Stork in the region of North America and Europe. Stork is research tool which notifies researchers new publications and grants based on their own keywords. It’s straightforward and easy to use.


  1. Major in biology related fields
  2. Minimum degree: BS
  3. Willing to learn
  4. This is a part-time job. Location does not matter. Working hours is flexible.

If you are interested, please contact us at iris@storkapp.me with your resume.

Don't want to miss new papers in your field? Check out Stork we developed:

Phrase frequency analysis on fNIRS hyperscanning with Stork Big…

In the previous blog, we have used Stork’s big analysis to analyze the literature of fNIRS. At that time, Stork only analyzed the frequency...
Xu Cui
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fNIRS overview by Stork’s Big Analysis

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Xu Cui
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每天的新文献太多了,根本没时间读。怎么办?这时候就需要快速地甄别出重要文献。为了帮助大家做到这一点,文献鸟做了两件事情: 高亮标记了高影响因子的文献,并且文献按影响因子排列 显示中科院期刊分区信息,并用不同的颜色标识不同分区 对于Pro用户,文献鸟还允许设置过滤分区。比如如果设置最大分区是2,则只有分区为1和2的期刊文献才会被推送,其它的会被自动过滤。 中科院期刊分区的显示 Pro用户可以设置分区过滤 如果需要购买Pro,可以单击这个链接。 Stork官网地址: https://www.storkapp.me/
Xu Cui
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