Updated loadHitachiText.m

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Some labs have been using our script readHitachiData.m to load NIRS data from Hitachi ETG machines. We recently found that some output MES data contains abnormal timestamp. For example, the timestamp should be like


But for some rows (although rarely), the time is like (note the ending character)


This will cause our script to choke. We just fixed this issue, and you need to replace loadHitachiText.m. The new version can be found here.

第十六期 fNIRS Journal Club 视频

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第十六期 fNIRS Journal Club 通知 2021/01/23,1pm

瑞典 Karolinska Institutet的潘亚峰博士将为大家讲解他们最近发布的一篇用超扫描研究教师学生关系的文章。热烈欢迎大家参与讨论。潘博士为了这次报告,需要一大早就起床。因此本次报告的时间比过去要稍晚一点。 时间: 北京时间2021年1月23日周六下午1点地点: https://zoom.com房间号: 815 4986 9861密码: 796475 Pan, Guyon, Borragán, Hu, Peigneux (2020) Interpersonal brain synchronization with instructor compensates for learner’s...
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4 Replies to “Updated loadHitachiText.m”

  1. I found that readHitachiData.m can read 2 .csv from two patches of 4×4 and 3×5 configurations,but it seems something wrong when we put in 2 .csv from patches of 4×4 (as the first input) and 3×5 (as the second input) configurations simultaneously. For example, “[hbo,hbr,mark] = readHitachData({‘file1_4x4.csv’,’file2_3x5.csv’});” You will find that the channel number is wrong (48?).I guess that the channel number of 4×4 configurations is 24,but the the channel number of 3×5 configurations is 22, and the structure were not updated. I insert an additional script in the line 86. I’m wondering if it is the case.

    line 84——nirs_data.oxyData = [nirs_data.oxyData hbodata];
    line 85——nirs_data.dxyData = [nirs_data.dxyData hbdata];
    line 86——clear hbodata hbdata;%%% Am I right?
    line 87——end

  2. readHitachiData can’t read files from two different configuration. You may call each file separately.


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