You can start to use Stork in 10s!

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Stork is a simple app for researchers to follow up scientific publications. It only takes me 10s to start.

Don't want to miss new papers in your field? Check out Stork we developed:

Phrase frequency analysis on fNIRS hyperscanning with Stork Big…

In the previous blog, we have used Stork’s big analysis to analyze the literature of fNIRS. At that time, Stork only analyzed the frequency...
Xu Cui
1 min read

fNIRS overview by Stork’s Big Analysis

What’s the trend of fNIRS in brain research? Is the field growing or dying? Which country and which institute are the most productive? Who...
Xu Cui
1 min read

Are the two balls of the same color?

Look at the two balls below. What colors are they? To me, the left ball is definitely blue, and the right one is green....
Xu Cui
31 sec read

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