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I use jsMath to write mathematical equations in this blog. Here is an example
This is inline equation (use slash parenthesis): \(\alpha+\beta\geq\gamma=\pi\)
This is one line equation (use double dollar sign \$\$…\$\$): $$\int {1\over x}\,dx = \ln(x)+C$$

How can one write a dollar sign? Use slash before the dollar sign. Even inside code highlighter, you need to take care of double dollar sign and slash parenthesis. But hopefully you won’t encounter them.

To setup jsMath, follow the instructions in jsMath webpage. Basically
1. download 2 files and unzip
2. change jsMath/easy/load.js. I changed (below) so we can use dollar sign to show equations.

  processSlashParens: 1,       // process \(...\) in text? (slash parenthesis)
  processSlashBrackets: 0,     // process \[...\] in text?
  processDoubleDollars: 1,     // process $\$...$\$ in text?
  processSingleDollars: 0,     // process $...$ in text?
  fixEscapedDollars: 1,        // convert \$ to $ outside of math mode?
  showFontWarnings: 0,

3. change header.php under tropicala theme. Add one line inside

<script src=/jsMath/easy/load.js></script>

That’s it.

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