What to do during coronavirus outbreak

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James Robb, MD


The author of this coronavirus precautionary measures is James Robb, MD UC San Diego. It’s a really great read.

Subject: What I am doing for the upcoming COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic

Dear Colleagues, as some of you may recall, when I was a professor of pathology at the University of California San Diego, I was one of the first molecular virologists in the world to work on coronaviruses (the 1970s). I was the first to demonstrate the number of genes the virus contained. Since then, I have kept up with the coronavirus field and its multiple clinical transfers into the human population (e.g., SARS, MERS), from different animal sources.

The current projections for its expansion in the US are only probable, due to continued insufficient worldwide data, but it is most likely to be widespread in the US by mid to late March and April.

Here is what I have done and the precautions that I take and will take. These are the same precautions I currently use during our influenza seasons, except for the mask and gloves.:

1) NO HANDSHAKING! Use a fist bump, slight bow, elbow bump, etc.

2) Use ONLY your knuckle to touch light switches. elevator buttons, etc.. Lift the gasoline dispenser with a paper towel or use a disposable glove.

3) Open doors with your closed fist or hip – do not grasp the handle with your hand, unless there is no other way to open the door. Especially important on bathroom and post office/commercial doors.

4) Use disinfectant wipes at the stores when they are available, including wiping the handle and child seat in grocery carts.

5) Wash your hands with soap for 10-20 seconds and/or use a greater than 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer whenever you return home from ANY activity that involves locations where other people have been.

6) Keep a bottle of sanitizer available at each of your home’s entrances. AND in your car for use after getting gas or touching other contaminated objects when you can’t immediately wash your hands.

7) If possible, cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and discard. Use your elbow only if you have to. The clothing on your elbow will contain infectious virus that can be passed on for up to a week or more!

What I have stocked in preparation for the pandemic spread to the US:

1) Latex or nitrile latex disposable gloves for use when going shopping, using the gasoline pump, and all other outside activity when you come in contact with contaminated areas.

Note: This virus is spread in large droplets by coughing and sneezing. This means that the air will not infect you! BUT all the surfaces where these droplets land are infectious for about a week on average – everything that is associated with infected people will be contaminated and potentially infectious. The virus is on surfaces and you will not be infected unless your unprotected face is directly coughed or sneezed upon. This virus only has cell receptors for lung cells (it only infects your lungs) The only way for the virus to infect you is through your nose or mouth via your hands or an infected cough or sneeze onto or into your nose or mouth.

2) Stock up now with disposable surgical masks and use them to prevent you from touching your nose and/or mouth (We touch our nose/mouth 90X/day without knowing it!). This is the only way this virus can infect you – it is lung-specific. The mask will not prevent the virus in a direct sneeze from getting into your nose or mouth – it is only to keep you from touching your nose or mouth.

3) Stock up now with hand sanitizers and latex/nitrile gloves (get the appropriate sizes for your family). The hand sanitizers must be alcohol-based and greater than 60% alcohol to be effective.

4) Stock up now with zinc lozenges. These lozenges have been proven to be effective in blocking coronavirus (and most other viruses) from multiplying in your throat and nasopharynx. Use as directed several times each day when you begin to feel ANY “cold-like” symptoms beginning. It is best to lie down and let the lozenge dissolve in the back of your throat and nasopharynx. Cold-Eeze lozenges is one brand available, but there are other brands available.

I, as many others do, hope that this pandemic will be reasonably contained, BUT I personally do not think it will be. Humans have never seen this snake-associated virus before and have no internal defense against it. Tremendous worldwide efforts are being made to understand the molecular and clinical virology of this virus. Unbelievable molecular knowledge about the genomics, structure, and virulence of this virus has already been achieved. BUT, there will be NO drugs or vaccines available this year to protect us or limit the infection within us. Only symptomatic support is available.

I hope these personal thoughts will be helpful during this potentially catastrophic pandemic. You are welcome to share this email. Good luck to all of us! Jim

James Robb, MD FCAP














1) 乳胶或丁腈乳胶一次性手套(购物,使用汽油泵时使用的,以及接触污染区域时的所有其他室外活动)




4)现在库存含锌锭剂。这些锭剂已被证明可有效阻止冠状病毒(和大多数其他病毒)在您的喉咙和鼻咽中繁殖。当您开始感觉到任何感冒症状时,请每天按指示使用几次。最好躺下,让锭剂溶解在您的喉咙和鼻咽后部。 Cold-Eeze锭剂是一个可用的品牌,但还有其他可用的品牌。



詹姆斯·罗伯(James Robb),医学博士


断断续续下围棋已经很多年了。小学的时候就开始接触,也没人教,全自学。水平业余低级水平,在OGS上是4级。下围棋纯属休闲娱乐。赢了很高兴,输了有时候气得我把鼠标都拍坏了。下围棋确实很耽误时间,一盘至少半个小时一个小时的,因此很长一段也没下了。最近和好友尚伟峰在OGS上下了几盘,我就又棋瘾上来了。今天下了三盘,录了下来,算是个记录吧。 第一盘的对手是人,水平和我一样,4级。一开始他吃了我一条龙,领先80目,后来我竟然翻盘了。中间两个人多次都出现失误,他的一块棋是死期我竟然看不见。不管怎样,快结束时把他的角杀了,他就投子认输了。视频如下(在youtube): 第二、三盘的对手是人工智能,水平比我高到天上去了。我就厚脸皮选择被让11个子。如果系统允许让18子我肯定会选择18子的。和人工智能下棋,我的策略就是忍辱负重,保证棋是活的,不能一块棋一不小心被吃。如果一条大龙被吃,就完了。我发现OGS上的人工智能下围棋有下面的特点: 东一榔头西一棒槌(频繁脱先)。你跟着他走一会儿都晕了 对中腹把握能力强。一不小心就被它围出个大肚皮 杀伤力强。如果不在意,可能一条大龙就被杀了 落子速度快,一秒钟就落一个子。这么快的落子我就不由自主也下得快,失误就多。 第二盘棋我不小心一块棋就死了,不过还好,其它地方损失不大,因此赢了。第三盘也赢了。下面是视频 (在youtube):
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