“You’re Not Important to Me but I Want To Meet With You”

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Steve Blank
(Image from his blog)

Like Steve Blank’s many other stories, this one is very interesting. Steve Blank is well known in startup community. He was a sucessful entrepreneur (co-founder of E.piphany), influential teacher, and very generous in giving advice to startup founders. I was fortunate to be in one of his classes called “The LeanLaunch Pad” at Stanford back in 2011.

In this story, a startup founder wanted to incorporate the frameworks and templates in Steve’s book to their product and asked his investor to make a connection. When Steve sent an email to the founder suggesting a few dates to meet, the founder replied that his admin would coordinate a date.

What’s wrong with the founder’s response? What can we learn from the story? Instead of spoiling the story here, I encourage you to read it in Steve’s blog at https://steveblank.com/2020/03/04/youre-not-important-to-me-but-i-want-to-meet-with-you/ I am sure you will find it both entaining and instructive.

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