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北京时间2020年6月28日周日上午11点,浙江大学的刘涛研究员,博士生导师, 将为大家讲解一篇商科领域的EEG文章。文章中提出的方法对近红外领域有很好的借鉴作用。同时,刘老师会结合他最近的一篇文章,讲一下类似的时间窗口方法可以帮助我们了解什么额外信息。

时间: 北京时间2020年6月28日周日上午11点
地点: https://zoom.com
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Samuel B. Barnett, and Moran Cerf (2017), “A ticket for your thoughts: Method for predicting content recall and sales using neural similarity of moviegoers,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44(1), 160-181.
Skilled advertisers often cause a diverse set of consumers to feel similarly about their product. We present a method for measuring neural data to assess the degree of similarity between multiple brains experiencing the same advertisements, and we demonstrate that this similarity can predict important marketing outcomes. Since neural data can be sampled continuously throughout an experience and without effort and conscious reporting biases, our method offers a useful complement to measures requiring active evaluations, such as subjective ratings and willingnessto- pay (WTP) scores. As a case study, we use portable electroencephalography (EEG) systems to record the brain activity of 58 moviegoers in a commercial theater and then calculate the relative levels of neural similarity, cross-brain correlation (CBC), throughout 13 movie trailers. Our initial evidence suggests that CBC predicts future free recall of the movie trailers and population-level sales of the corresponding movies. Additionally, since there are potentially other (i.e., non-neural) sources of physiological similarity (e.g., basic arousal), we illustrate how to use other passive measures, such as cardiac, respiratory, and electrodermal activity levels, to reject alternative hypotheses. Moreover, we show how CBC can be used in conjunction with empirical content analysis (e.g., levels of visual and semantic complexity).

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第十四期 fNIRS Journal Club 通知 2020/11/29,11am

北京时间2020年11月29日周日上午11点, 四川师范大学和芬兰University of Jyväskylä联合培养博士生窦皓然将为大家讲解他们最近发布在NeuroImage上关于社会排斥的文章。欢迎大家参加并参与讨论。 时间: 北京时间2020年11月29日周日上午11点 地点: https://zoom.com 房间号: 838 4895 7455 密码: 802777 Dou, Lei, Cheng, Wang, Leppänen (2020) Social exclusion influences conditioned...
Xu Cui
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第十三期 fNIRS Journal Club 视频

在2020/10/24日, 华东师范大学李琳教授讲解他们今年发表的一篇用近红外超扫描揭示团体体育运动(篮球)增强合作行为的文章。视频如下: Youtube: https://youtu.be/tgHcyr6lxzIYouku: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDkyMTUzNzUzNg==.html
Xu Cui
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第十二期 fNIRS Journal Club 视频

在2020/9/26日, 华东师范大学李先春教授和他的学生陈美为大家讲解他们今年发表的一篇用近红外超扫描揭示欺骗行为神经机制的文章。视频如下: Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qyn1vqUetiQYouku:https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDg3ODkxOTA0MA==.html
Xu Cui
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