Advantage and Disadvantage of NIRS over fMRI

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  1. cheaper
  2. portable (smaller)
  3. safe
  4. natural settings (e.g. real human interactions instead of computer presentation)
  5. high temporal resolution (10Hz)
  6. less sensitive to head motion
  7. clinically friendly
  8. less environment noise
  9. long time recording
  10. can used on infants, children, or patients
  11. hyper


  1. low spatial resolution (3cm)
  2. can only record brain surface
  3. no standard analyzing package
  4. inaccurate activation localization (or registration)

EEG has the following disadvantages over NIRS (Sitaram et al., 2007):

  1. long-term application and fixation of electrodes are difficult,
  2. portable devices are artifact prone,
  3. has low spatial resolution.

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