MatLab and Excel

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I usually write MatLab scripts to parse the behavior data collected in a fMRI or NIRS experiment. It’s powerful and flexible. But as I have to do an Excel version recently, I found Excel has a great advantage — it’s easy to share with other people, and also easier for me to understand in a later time when I almost forget. So I think the best strategy is to combine them. Store the raw data and simple summary in Excel, but do more advanced analysis in MatLab. In excel file, there are should be some text pointing to the matlab script.

nirs2img, create an image file from NIRS data

Update 2021/2/27: If you find griddata3 not working, try to change griddata3 to griddata. I was asked where to get nirs2img script. Here it...
Xu Cui
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mergefile.m – a MatLab script to merge CSV files

My wife asked me to write a script to merge some csv files she has. Usually this can be accomplished by a simple command in...
Xu Cui
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xjview 9.6 released

In this version, we modified the templates for 3-D render view and use a high-resolution template. It also includes a few scalp view. You...
Xu Cui
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